Upcoming Children's Book: "Good Things"

// Pre-Order and release date will be announced soon! \\

A cherished dream from my childhood has finally come true: I’ve been commissioned to illustrate my very first children’s book! I’m flooded with fond memories of sitting in my grandparents' living room, spending countless hours crafting stories and bringing them to life through illustrations. To have the chance to now transform those treasured moments into professional artwork is simply beyond belief.


This book explores the vital role of our pollinators, with a special focus on the monarch butterfly. Throughout its pages, you will witness the transformation from egg to caterpillar to butterfly. Additionally, I plan to include a detailed guide explaining the life cycle of the monarch butterfly and the vital role that the milkweed plant plays in it’s life.

Creating a heartfelt journey of lessons and growth, this story beautifully captures the experience of big emotions through words and illustrations. It's a precious tale that aims to resonate with both children and adults. 

I will share more updates and progress photos in the next coming months!


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