Jade LaVarta is a wildlife artist focused on conservation, habitat preservation, and the ongoing efforts to keep our wild lands protected.

"Born and raised between the Uncompahgre and San Juan National Forests, I have always found my inspiration through towering pines, oceans of wildflowers, and rugged mountain peaks."

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  • "I am beyond thankful you picked up your pencils & paper & paintbrush & began to share all this moving, deeply passionate & honoring art with all of us. I am happy to own some of your amazing creations."

    - Deirdre | Las Vegas, NV

  • "What a blessed and intimate connection you show to nature. Your illustrations are beautiful and capture the mystery and nobility of these creatures that we are blessed to share this Earth."

    - Georgie | Lakewood, CO

  • "I love your art, It's all over my living room! My daughter loves your work too; especially your bones with art on them. Keep up the AWESOME work!"

    - Denise | Denver, CO

  • "You have a beautiful and intimate presence with nature and you have an amazing way of presenting, and honoring it in all of its forms. Each of your creations seem so personal, unique and curious and feel like they have their own story."

    - Andrea | Denver, CO

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My Mission

As an artist who finds inspiration from the natural world, I find it vital to help support the conservation of the animals and ecosystems that make up the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountain region.

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