Compostable and Eco-Conscious Packaging

As someone who has deep respect and appreciation for the natural world, I find it necessary to do what I can for the environment by focusing on a minimal waste approach to my business. I have taken the first step by completely eliminating single-use plastic packaging from my online orders. My postage supplies include glassine sheets/sleeves, backing boards and tissue paper made from recycled materials. Even the tape I use is biodegradable :)

What is glassine? Glassine is a smooth translucent paper that is water / grease resistant, and is 100% compostable.

***Note: I currently still use recyclable cellophane sleeves for prints that I bring to markets, and for shops which carry my artwork. But this will be changing in the future once I can find an eco-friendly replacement. 


How my artwork is packaged 
All art prints are wrapped in glassine sleeves against a durable backing board. 


Thank you for supporting what I do, and helping me make the move to an eco friendly business!